Behind the scenes

Getting the opening shot. From left to right: AD Persephone Godwin, DP Kyle Bart Reid, Lead Actor Darren Jacobs, Sound Matt Dorsey, and Actor/Writer Paul Whitehead in the distance
Director Heidi Hornbacher and Actor/Writer Paul Whitehead enjoy a break
The crew scouts what they think will be their beach set just before a storm floods this location. From left to right: DP Kyle Bart Reid, Director Heidi Hornbacher, Lead Actor Darren Jacobs, AC Erik Nielsen
DP Kyle Bart Reid gets the overhead shot of Guernica in the sand
Director Heidi Hornbacher deals with a road closure to set on day 2 of shooting
The crew sets up for the overhead shot revealing Paul’s Guernica in the sand. DP Kyle Bart Reid on ladder.
Writer/Actor Paul Whitehead does a Guernica detail in the sand
Director Heidi Hornbacher points out a happy crew on break

Production Stills

The Painter (Darren Jacobs) contemplates the scene
Picasso (Paul Whitehead) creates in the sand
The Painter (Darren Jacobs) doesn’t like what he sees
The Painter (Darren Jacobs) discovers Guernica in the sand
The Painter (Darren Jacobs) tries to hold back the sea
Picasso (Paul Whitehead) watches The Painter (Darren Jacobs) leave

The Painter (Darren Jacobs) gets distracted
The Painter (Darren Jacobs) watches Picasso (Paul Whitehead)
Curiosity drives The Painter (Darren Jacobs) to investigate
The Painter (Darren Jacobs) enjoys his very own Picasso masterpiece
The Painter (Darren Jacobs) discovers the master’s tool
Picasso (Paul Whitehead) gets back to work
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